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Dr. Balkrishna Ranjit


A Few Words from the Principal

Only a work of 'Art' – Painting, Sculpture, Music and Dance would stimulate; and lead a human mind and brain towards the power of positivity.
It's often said a human is an inborn artist, but the truth is – only by learning and studying systematically under the proper guidance of professionals, one can aspire to become an artist and beyond.

Only by enrolling in an institute of higher learning in Art – like Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Communications, Music, Dance, etc., only inside an Art classroom, students are provided with the systematic lessons – in knowledge and skills – of a chosen field of Art, and only then, an aspiring art student would be able to express in his or her chosen subject of Art. Eventually then, it will lead one to become a celebrated artist – Painter, Sculptor, Designer or a Musician.

Sirjana College of Fine Arts (SCoFA) was born as a visible realization of a collective dream or vision made by a select group of the some prominent artists and the art-educationists of Nepal. And today we stand proud as a premier and a leading Art College in Nepal.
It gives us a great sense of satisfaction and pride of the fact that the College stands as a proud testament of dedication; and also an ideal example of a collective vision and cooperation in the development and expansion of Art Education in Nepal.

At SCoFA, the students have an excellent opportunity to pursue a career and also to become a leader in the respective field. It is not just about meeting the potentialities; it is also about exceeding it. The academic excellence of the students as said earlier, is well testified by the results of every annual examination held by Tribhuvan University.

Dr. Bal Krishna Ranjit
Sirjana College of Fine Arts