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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Four-Year Degree


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a program designed to be an innovative and integrated course of study. It is expected that it would provide optimum learning experiences in Fine Arts for the students aspiring to buils up respective careers as visual artist, painters, printmakers, sculptors, molders, graphic designers, photographers or illustrators etc. The First Years Cours is designed to be a foundation course or a Preparatory course. It consists of the basics of PAINTING, SCULPTURE and GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS.


he program is expected to builed a strong and solid foundation of the skills and knowledge during the First- Year and then in the Second-Year, the students are expected to progress gradually towards an ever-greater compositional, procedural, and creative independence.

In the Third-Year and Fourth-Year, in addition to the core studio-based subjects, the students are provided the options to choose from many electives offered - depending on the individual choice of interests.