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Student Quality Circle (SQC)

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Student Quality Circle (SQC)

  1. Introduction

    The Student Quality Circle is guided by the fundamental philosophy of quality management. The SQC emphasizes on enhancing the professional potential of the students by rising above the academic activities. In addition to developing leadership, it helps students develop a tendency to think creatively.
    It also aims to develop their interest and ability to work with peers. SQC can also play a vital role in identifying problems and developing a tendency to solve them. The main objectives of the SQC are to support academic and extra-curricular activities as well as to play a key role in exchanging knowledge, skills, and abilities among the students.

    Collectively increase knowledge and skills; Exchanging educational experiences between students; the basic value of the SQC is to solve problems collectively through a participatory and democratic process.
    SQC is not only concerned with the interests of the College but can also be a major catalyst for the transformation of the community and society.

    SQC is an independent group of students. They gather weekly or monthly and try to identify, analyze, and solve problems related to students' studies and the College.

    SQC not only raises the issues related to the problem but also seeks solutions through participatory approaches by analyzing the problems in detail.

    SQC embraces the principle that students should be accountable to society and the nation, and acts accordingly. It emphasizes on enhancing academic quality by motivating students through interdisciplinary and participatory learning processes. Its purpose is to help build the personality of the students towards becoming skilled professional citizens of the future.

    Creating a positive attitude in students, encouraging creative change, and developing the skills to work in groups are the priorities of the SQC.

    2. Objectives of the SQC

    2.1  To create an environment for the participation and contribution of students in improving the quality of education.
    2.2  To develop personality development and a positive attitude in the students and to develop problem-solving skills with a clear vision to solve the problem.
    2.3  To develop mutual and group working capacity.
    2.4  To enhance the creative ability of the students through various programs.
    2.5  To develop the mental, intellectual, emotional, and social skills needed to run various programs.
    2.6  Identify students' problems and find possible solutions using appropriate methods.
    2.7  To try to find out the existing challenges and possible ways of improvement in the education sector.
    2.8  To advocate for the transformation of the egalitarian society to protect the students from possible discrimination, exploitation, abuse, and anti-social activities and to develop self-knowledge in the                     students.
    2.9  To develop a habit of collective decision-making.
    2.10 To make the students aware of the concept of quality.
    2.11 To expand business relationships with various international and local educational institutions and agencies.
    2.12 To prepare mentally the students to face and solve probable problems and challenges.
    2.13 To develop a tendency of exchanging information, knowledge, and skills among the students through discussion.
    2.14 To ensure the participation of students to make the educational environment comfortable, such as – conflict resolution, reconciliation, etc.

    3. Activities of the SQC

    3.1  To conduct interaction programs among the students without affecting the regular teaching-learning activities of the College.
    3.2  To conduct various programs to keep the classrooms and the College premises to keep tidy and hygienic and to work for waste management.
    3.3  To assist in making the College environment friendly.
    3.4  To discuss and cooperate with the academic and administrative bodies of the college regarding the enhancement of the academic quality of the College.
    3.5  To facilitate the students to conduct various programs related to creative skills, communication skills, stress management, personality development, group work, etc.
    3.6  To take initiative to solve the individual and collective problems of the students.
    3.7  To conduct group and individual programs to provide counseling to the newly enrolled students.
    3.8  To conduct professional capacity building programs in coordination with the Alumni Association.
    3.9   To participate in community-based and community benefit programs and assist in conducting such programs.
    3.10 To assist the academic and administrative mechanisms of the College to implement the policy rules of the College.
    3.11 To collectively discuss, review, and provide the necessary support to the administration and academic personnel on the academic programs, research, and the extra-curricular activities of the                  College, the effectiveness of the policy rules, etc.
    3.12 To organize various motivational programs to motivate the students to make the teaching-learning effective.

    4. Formation Method of the SQC

    4.1 Representation of members
    All the representative students represented in the units and 
    committees formed in the College will be the members of the SQC.

    4.2 Coordinator of the SQC
          The members of the SQC will select one Coordinator and one Deputy Coordinator among themselves. The coordinator will act as the leading facilitator and coordinator of the SQC.