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Sirjana College of Fine Arts offer Two layers of Art education – Higher Secondary Courses (two years) - affiliated with Higher Secondary Examinations Board and Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (four years Studies) affiliated with Tribhuvan University .
Higher Secondary Courses – Class 11 and Class 12 are considered the foundation courses - so as to prepare the students for Bachelors course in respective field of Study. So here, in addition to the compulsory subjects, the courses are specially focused to the basic knowledge and skills - in chosen stream of Fine Arts.  

CLASS 11 AND 12, Art & Music

The Higher Secondary Studies comprises of Two Years of Studies; and is described as Class 11 and Class 12. That is each year having seven (7) papers – each with 100 Full Marks: and thus 700 Full Marks for each year.

The courses include two compulsory subjects like English, Nepali and Social Studies & Life Skill, three related subjects (Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture & Art Theory) and an additional elective subject (vocational) – to choose one within the given list of options.

Similarly, for those who choose Music and Dance, there’re three related options like vocal or instrumental or so on as part of the courses of Studies.